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Meet the Health-Performance Chiropractic Team

Chiropractic Assistant – Gillian Marshall

Hi, I’m Gill. I have an extensive background in the Health Sector both overseas and here in New Zealand. The health and wellbeing of myself, my family and others has always been a passion and part of my life. I have experienced Chiropractic care previously as a “fix-it” to a specific problem. As time has gone on, I have come to understand that Chiropractic care can offer so much more. We can all be responsible for improving, maintaining and developing our own optimum health, wellness and performance. We can help achieve this by simple alterations in our diet, exercise and overall lifestyle.

My new experience with Chiropractic care has helped me on a new personal wellness path. I look forward to being a part of your “Pathway” to optimum health, wellness and performance, assisting Drs Michael and Julia to help you achieve you goals.

Chiropractic Assistant – Alison Mead

Alison is a registered pharmacist, with over thirty years experience working in retail pharmacies in New Zealand, and overseas. Alison has become passionate about more holistic approach to healthcare leaving pharmacy to explore other options especially in natural nutrition and organic gardening.