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Meet Dr. Christina Coleman

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Dr. Christina Coleman, Chiropractor

I have been lucky enough to be under chiropractic and applied kinesiology care since the age of 14yrs old. After struggling with gut issues, poor posture, menstrual problems, emotional issues and overall lack of energy at a young age I knew this couldn’t be it for life, I knew there had to be a better way. At the age of fourteen I found the way for me.

Finding Chiropractic

I fell in love with Applied Kinesiology and it gave me hope. The attraction to the self healing principles of chiropractic care was instant for me and inspired me to choose a fulfilling career as a chiropractor where I get to help others discover the importance of their bodies in order to heal and thrive. I am a strong believer that we are in charge of our bodies and it’s vital to nourish them. I enjoy practising yoga, hiking, surfing, meditation and love eating healthy yummy foods. My goal is for you to understand the beauty in your body’s processes and help create hope and healing so that your situations can change. I look forward to meeting you all soon. Love and light.